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The Mercer Family of Charities

The Mercers' Company
and Philanthropy

The Mercers’ Company is almost 700 years old and is one of the most well established Livery Companies in the City of London.

The company is sole corporate trustee of its associated charitable trustsThe Mercer Family of Charities. Through its rich history, the Mercers’ Company has adopted strong values and traditions which have formed a solid base from which to embrace and support a wide range of organisations.

The company is involved in three main types of philanthropic activity:

  1. Providing direct charity services, principally almshouses
  2. Members’ philanthropy, through their time, skills, knowledge and networks
  3. Grants and social investment


We believe in nurturing aspirations and investing in opportunities to create positive change so that everyone has the potential to lead a fulfilling life

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People living in communities with some of the biggest challenges in the UK

(particularly in parts of London where there is significant inequality, and in disadvantaged areas of East and North East England)

Philanthropic Principles

Use our assets wisely and creatively for positive change in people’s lives, now and in the future

Make the most of our longevity and independence

Build strong relationships and partnerships

Make knowledgeable decisions based on evidence and clarity of purpose


Our grants programmes place people at their heart.

We greatly value our historical links, experience and relationships in education, in almshouses and with the church, which remain at the centre of our wider work with young people, older people and communities.

Within these three programmes we will work with interesting organisations that will make a real difference in peoples's lives that:

  1. Demonstrate clarity of purpose
  2. Provide a clear link between outcomes and activities
  3. Work in ways that might be scaleable or replicable
  4. Involve local people in planning, delivery and evaluation
  5. Aspire to create lasting and measurable change

Most of our grants will be for project or core costs but we may support capital costs where they represent a modest proportion of the total.

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Young People & Education

Getting a good start in life is essential and our programmes include support for some of the very youngest children. Our experience is in helping children achieve their potential through school, and in communities, and extends to helping young people through challenging transitions in their lives.

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Older People & Housing

We recognise that many people need extra support in older age but can also bring huge benefits to communities through their experience, wisdom and time. Our strategy recognises both the challenges and assets of ageing.

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Church & Communities

We believe that people thrive when communities thrive. We recognise the critical role that churches and other community based organisations play within this.

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