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The Mercers’ Company is a membership organisation in the business of philanthropy. The purpose of Mercers Philanthropy is to:
Nurture aspirations and invest in opportunities to create positive change so that everyone has the potential to lead a fulfilling life.

The individual programme pages give details of projects we support. We are continuing to develop our strategy and at this stage you can apply for the following:

  1. All core themes under the Church and Communities Programme
  2. The Wellbeing Initiative under the Young People and Education and Older People and Housing Programmes. Other initiatives linked to leadership, learning and relationships will be launched in phases throughout the year.

We would encourage you to keep an eye on our website for further information on how to apply for other initiatives: www.mercersphilanthropy.co.uk

Sorry but our main grants programmes are probably not for you.

We are only likely to accept applications from constituted, not for profit organisations with some experience of working in disadvantaged communities and with a track record of evaluating their work. Some local/regional grant makers or the Big Lottery Fund do make ‘Awards for All’ for newer or very small organisations

Yes or a Community Interest Company or a Parochial Church Council; Schools may also be eligible in some cases where they are meeting particular needs, in areas of disadvantage and particularly where they can demonstrate work of wider significance that can be shared

Organisations can either apply for project costs or core costs if the organisation’s primary purpose coincides with those described in the programme areas.

Please note that we do not support general appeals or give financial support for project or capital costs that have already been incurred.

Not unless specifically advertised.Organisations can apply for project or core funding, as described above.

Unfortunately not – our work is focused in the UK within specific geographic areas as described under each programme

Yes. We will assess all projects on the identified need, how well the project meets the aims described and the difference that the project will make. If a national charity is making a grant application for work in a particular locality, we would expect to see clear evidence of local knowledge and networks and the involvement of local people.

Small ‘capital’ costs for materials etc, as part of a bigger project are acceptable.

If Capital is the major part of the grant proposal it is likely to be rejected unless the aims of the programme specify that we are open to capital proposals – these are likely to be a small number of higher value grants, with very specific grants (or social investment) criteria.

If children/young people are the focus of your work please apply to the Young People & Education programme.

If older people are the focus of your work please apply to the Older People & Housing programme.

If your application is for whole family activity in the community please apply under the Church & Communities programme.

Many organisations have planned for a healthy reserve for good reasons. If your organisation is carrying significant unallocated reserves and has been doing so for some years, then you are unlikely to be successful in your application.

Your application will be assessed by an experienced member of our team who will make a recommendation to the relevant Committee to make the final decision. We may seek further information by email, phone or arrange to visit you before an award is made

You cannot apply for the same project but your organisation can re-apply for a different project or core funding

We aim to provide limited feedback but we are a small team so cannot provide a full report.

We do not have an appeal process but if you are very dissatisfied with our decision, we will endeavour to offer more information.

Our Wellbeing Initiative is open under our Young People and Education and Older People and Housing Programmes.

All core themes are open for applications under our Church and Communities Programme.

These are all rolling programmes and applications can be submitted at any time. We aim to communicate decisions within four months of receiving proposals.

Other initiatives under Young people and Education and Older People and Housing will be launched in phases throughout the year.

However, some of our priorities will be delivered though selected or invited partners only and will therefore not be open widely for applications. This will become clearer as we develop the strategy moving forward.

Our Church and Communities Programme is open across all our core themes.

£50,000 is the maximum grant you can apply for.

You can apply to allocate this amount over time up to 24 months.

We are unlikely to award many grants of £50,000 to be spent in just one year.

Only applies to Young People and Education and Older People and Housing Programmes.

We expect that most awards will be between £10,000- £100,000.