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Our Core Themes for Support & People Based Priorities

We expect that most awards will be between £10,000 and £100,000.

We have core themes, which are intrinsic to what we fund, as well as people-centered priorities.

Our people based priorities are:

  • Supporting place based organisations, such as community centres and churches, to develop initiatives that respond to family poverty and other challenges
  • Supporting organisations whose main purpose is tackling family poverty to co-design and deliver services within their local community, where families that have previously experienced such issues, support other families
  • Developing volunteering, giving and exchange models that enable families in poverty and facing other challenges to support each other as well as the wider community
  • Supporting place based organisations, such as churches and community halls or hubs, to provide night shelter and other accommodation
  • Deliver new models including home support
  • Developing peer to peer projects and initiatives where ex homeless people support homeless people to navigate services
  • Supporting local community based organisations to meet the needs of carers through outreach and delivery - building carer friendly inclusive communities
  • Supporting connections linking carers to services and vice versa
  • Bring everyone in the community together, with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Are rooted and delivered in a local area
  • Are in an area facing some of the highest levels of disadvantage in the country
  • Maintenance and improvement of buildings and other facilities (such as gardens), where this is not directly about helping connect communities and bring people together
  • Applications from individuals
  • Projects designed solely for the advancement of a particular faith
  • Arts, culture or environmental projects which do not have a community focus

Organisations whose primary focus is either younger people or older people should look at our Young People and Education or Older People and Housing programmes.

Proposals should use one of our four core themes to address one or more of our people based priorities.

Mental wellbeing. We are looking for proposals which:

  • Promote good mental wellbeing i.e. focus on prevention rather than cure. Are focused on mutual support within communities
  • Are inclusive and open to everyone

Leadership in the community. We are looking for proposals which:

  • Support existing and potential leaders living in areas of greatest need
  • Provide peer support and mentoring
  • Encourage existing and potential leaders to connect and learn

Spiritual nurturing. We are looking for proposals which:

  • Promote spiritual nurturing
  • Are community rooted and based
  • Are inclusive and open to everyone

Community spaces (physical and digital) and activities that help connect communities and bring people together. We are looking for proposals which:

  • Create environments that foster inclusivity, and togetherness
  • Are in areas of greatest need
  • Enable people to support each other

We are currently pausing for applications to our Church and Communities programme. This is because we have already successfully funded a significant number of exciting initiatives that will deliver against our aims and priorities this year.

We are likely to re-open for applications in the first half of 2019. In the meantime, if you have an exceptional proposal that has great fit with our priorities and you would like us to consider it please contact us. In your email you should include brief details of your initiative and organisation.