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Older People
& Housing

Our Core Themes for Support & Priorities

We want to support a wide range of organisations to help older people to lead more fulfilling lives and to negotiate challenges and changing circumstances effectively. This is particularly important in areas that are under-resourced, in more disadvantaged communities.

Partnership: in some areas we will seek highly specialist partners to work with, particularly where emphasis is placed on evaluation and learning that can be shared more widely. These grants are most likely to be larger, for longer and may operate collaboratively with a group of relevant partners.

Proposals should use one of our core themes indicated below.

Resilience and emotional wellbeing are integral to a ‘good life’. We will nurture creative and cultural opportunities that foster wellbeing, particularly in communities where they are hard to come by, through:

  • Supporting the emotional wellbeing through creativity, the arts, and access to nature and the outdoors through The Wellbeing Initiative. The wellbeing initiative is currently open for applications.
  • Supporting pilot projects to put ideas into practice in older people’s living, particularly intergenerational initiatives. This priority is being considered within the context of our considerable experience in almshouses and housing for Older People.

Wellbeing Initiative

Inspiring and authentic leaders are vital in any community. We want to develop leadership and good practice in the sectors we care about most, to build more effective organisations

  • We want to invest in organisations that offer quality opportunities for leadership
  • We want to invest in ideas, innovations and research in Older People’s living for the future

Open later in the year

We recognise the importance of lifelong learning and its lasting impact. Our priorities are:

  • Nurturing opportunities to learn new skills and foster new interests
  • Enabling older people to share their skills and talents with others, particularly promoting intergenerational learning and experiences

Open later in the year

Family and friendship is at the heart of our work, and we place a high value on helping people build stronger connections, overcoming isolation and building new relationships, through:

  • Strengthening networks and communities of families and friends, with a particular focus on supporting older people as informal carers

We are currently working with selected partners under this priority, and will continue to seek out partners proactively.

Open later in the year